Body & Mind first aid training is an equal opportunity training provider.

This policy is aimed at our instructors and clients (including learners), who are delivering/enrolled on or have previously attended our training courses.

It sets out the company’s intention to deliver a service and range of qualifications and certifications that are fair, accessible and do not include any unnecessary barriers to entry.

Body & Mind first aid training is committed to providing equality of opportunity so that all learners can achieve their full potential. This applies to enrolment and assessment.

Responsibility statement

Body & Mind first aid training will not discriminate against or treat any individual less favourably on the grounds of age, gender, marital status, race, disability, colour, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, social background or any other irrelevant distinction.

Areas covered by the policy

Body & Mind first aid training will ensure all instructors, are aware of this policy and sign a declaration of understanding as part of the onboarding process before delivering courses on the company’s behalf.

Qualification and certification 

Body & Mind first aid training will ensure that any potential barriers to learning will be stated in course joining instructions and the inclusion of the requirements that create the barrier justified only and explicitly in terms of the integrity of the qualification or certification. 

Any details of how the effect of any barriers will be mitigated, including using access arrangements, 

Reviewing arrangements

Body & Mind first aid training will review this policy annually and revise it where necessary in response to instructor, client or learner feedback, changes to our practices, or changes in legislation including reasonable adjustments, will be recorded.

Review date: 10th May 2021

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